Let’s Play 20 Questions: Taxes and Audits

Let’s Play 20 Questions: Taxes and Audits

One thing is certain for community associations: An annual federal tax return. Another thing MAY be certain: an annual Certified Public Accountant (CPA) audit. If this is surprising to you, read on. If this is not surprising to you, read on anyway; as community...

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5 Tips for Running an Association Board Meeting

5 Tips for Running an Association Board Meeting

Running an effective homeowner’s association (HOA) board meeting is like mastering the zipper merge. When it’s performed properly, everyone knows what they’re supposed to be doing and it looks effortless. It just takes preparation and some practice to get it right....

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A Checklist For Selling Your Condominium

A Checklist For Selling Your Condominium

You’ve been reading countless articles in the paper about overwhelming demand for real estate and, after much thought, you have decided to take advantage of the strong seller’s market and sell your condo. While many local media stories suggest that selling anything in...

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Reserve Study Washington: “The Top Six Components”

Reserve Study Washington: “The Top Six Components”

A reserve study is a budget and disclosure document, supplementing operating & maintenance budgets for the large expenses that don’t occur each year. In this busy world, focusing on a handful of key items in your reserve study may keep you out of costly trouble. A...

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Uncollected Assessments: HOA Budgeting for Bad Debt

Uncollected Assessments: HOA Budgeting for Bad Debt

Budgeting for bad debt is something that associations should consider doing even in the best of times. Saying that associations need only budget for uncollected assessments in a down economy would be as shortsighted as… well, not budgeting for uncollected assessments....

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Strategic Planning for Condos and HOAs

Strategic Planning for Condos and HOAs

Basics of Strategic Planning Strategic planning is a systematic planning process involving a number of steps that identify the current status of the association, including its mission, vision for the future, operating values, needs (strengths, weaknesses,...

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Condominium and HOA Insurance – Risk Management Budgeting

Each year an association’s board of directors is entrusted with budgeting for the upcoming fiscal year. This would typically be spearheaded by the management firm, if one is retained, and would be predicated on historical information, known increases in pricing of...

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Solar Panels And Community Associations: Sparks Can Fly

Green living sometimes can be at odds with community association living. As much as we all likely strive to live in an environmentally responsible manner, sometimes these ambitions clash with the wants and desires of our neighbors, bringing strife and dissension to a...

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Best Practices Reports

Community Associations Institute (CAI) and the CAI Research Foundation are dedicated to conducting research and acting as a clearinghouse for information on innovations and best practices in community association creation and management. As part of the newly developed...

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