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WSCAI’s Chapter Magazine, Community Associations Journal, is full of timely and relevant articles that keep you up-to-date on news, information and issues affecting community associations in WA State. Articles for the Journal are written by WSCAI Members, who share their expertise in their industry.

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The Community Associations Journal is published 9 times per year and is distributed to over 2,000+ readers, primarily community association board members and community association managers. Advertising is offered in many size variations with premium (limited quantity) options.

Current Issue – March 2023

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WSCAI Journal March 2023 magazine publication

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Featured Journal Articles

Wildfires – Prevent & Prepare

Wildfires – Prevent & Prepare

Summers are hotter and drier than at any time in recently recorded history. Every season, we see news stories of suburban areas and sometimes entire towns being destroyed by raging wildfires that swept through areas faster than the firefighting crews could contain them.

Only 12% of those were lightning-caused; the remaining 88% were human-caused. Fires are not uncontrollable, and we must establish plans for prevention & preparedness.

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Playground Inspections

Playground Inspections

Regularly inspected & well maintained playgrounds are not only visually appealing, they are much safer. Kids on a playground aren’t worried about safety. Adults are also thinking about the kids having fun. They both rely on someone else to make sure equipment is safe so that kids can just play.

A Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) is trained in playground hazard identification, equipment specifications, surfacing requirements, & risk management.

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Neighbor Conflicts: True Mediation Stories

Neighbor Conflicts: True Mediation Stories

Courts can only do rough justice – it’s like performing surgery with a chain saw. In contrast, mediation allows you to arrive at a personalized solution for your unique problem. Statistically, mediation resolutions are more durable than those imposed by a court.

The following examples are true scenarios that have been modified to anonymize the identity of original parties as well as the developments they live in.

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Pool and Pond Safety Standards

Pool and Pond Safety Standards

We all benefit from time spent around the water. Whether it’s in the form of lakes, ponds, or even swimming pools, science proves that water instils a sense of peace and tranquility within each of us. HOAs often contain all three of these water resources, but proper management and safety precautions are required to reap the benefits.

Without it, these aquatic ecosystems may become a danger and detriment to your community.

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WSCAI Journal March magazine 2023 publication

March 2023 Issue

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