WSCAI Membership Drive

WSCAI Membership Drive

Membership Drive Runs From 4/1/22 To 9/30/22

Here’s how it works:

  • 1 point for bringing any valid prospective new member to the Chapter for consideration
Qualification Criteria:

An email introduction to Michelle with the prospective member


  • 3 points for each new member

    Gift Card IconsPrizes:

    • First place is $500 in cash gift cards announced at the Awards Gala on November 4th.
    • Monthly prize of $50 for the winner of each individual month for the duration of the contest

    Membership Drive Flyer

    Membership Benefits Flyer

    Recruiting New Members To WSCAI Is Simple!

    Talk About Membership Benefits - Icon

    Talk About Membership Benefits

    The more familiar you are with our benefits, the better equipped you will be to share them!

    Identify Prospects - Icon

    Identify Prospects

    Think about your network and identify those who could benefit most from WSCAI. When you gain new contacts, ask them if they’re a member of WSCAI.
    Focus on Needs - Icon

    Focus on Needs

    Ask questions to gauge what benefits may be valuable to WSCAI prospects and align WSCAI’s benefits with their needs.
    Provide Testimony - Icon

    Provide Testimony

    Provide genuine examples of how your WSCAI membership has helped you. 

    Follow Up - Icon

    Follow Up

    Check back with them to see if they have joined WSCAI. 

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