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Water Damage: When Should You Call A Professional?

Mar 10, 2021 | Blog, Happenings Sponsor

With water damage, there are situations where it is important to call a professional. Here are some examples of situations where professional help should be sought out:

Moisture has gone from one unit to another unit or space:

At times one unit does not think water has gone into another space but the source unit should be addressed by a professional who will assess this and then come up with a strategy as to how to handle it and if it has spread. The professional will make appropriate recommendations based on type of water, how long it has been wet, if materials can be salvaged and more.

When you have identified microbial growth on any building surface:

You might find it on anything from walls to floors to cabinets and frequently the growth is noticed before a leak is detected. A technician can determine if it related to plumbing, siding or roof failures, poor air circulation or other causes to then make recommendations as to how to best handle it.

Drain water backs up out of a toilet, sink or tub:

All drain water should be considered highly contaminated and when it soaks into carpet or drywall it can have adverse health effects along with being a super fuel for other types of microbial growth. Most people assume that sewage is highly contaminated but any drain water is considered highly contaminated and just as dangerous.

When you need help finding a leak:

Many times, people just think of plumbing when leaks occur yet when you are not sure where the water is coming from, a certified technician can help expose if something is coming from the roof, windows, siding or more. Additionally, they can help eliminate sources thus pinpointing the root cause.

To assess the extent of a complex water-related incident:

Complex water related incidents can include many scenarios. Some examples are a mystery leak that is finally resolved and then discovered to have affected many other areas that are along the water lines. It is always best to err on the side of caution with having inspections done regularly and addressing any issue when it is small before it becomes a bigger issue.

By Fischer Restoration & Fischer Plumbing

By Fischer Restoration & Fischer Plumbing

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