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Top Ten Things a Community Association Manager Should Do if a Leak/Flood Occurs in Their Building

Apr 19, 2011 | Archive, Blog, Text Only Article | 0 comments

There are many things a community association manager should do if a leak/flood occurs in their building. Here are the top ten recommendations for managers in this situation:


  1. Eliminate the source of water if possible, or contact appropriate parties to eliminate the water source or to make necessary repairs. Keep any parts that are replaced for an insurance company to inspect.
  2. If there is no risk of electrical shock, turn off circuit breakers supplying electricity to wet areas; unplug and remove any small electrical devices currently located on wet floor coverings or other wet surfaces.
  3. In Category 2 and Category 3 water damage you should turn off the HVAC or air handling system if safely accessible, to eliminate moving and spreading contaminated air.
  4. In Category 2 and Category 3 water damage, protect yourself against contact with sewage or sewage-contaminated items – wear gloves, boots, goggles, protective clothing and a respirator if you handle sewage-contaminated items.  Wash your hands after handling any sewage-contaminated items.
  5. Remove and secure small furniture items to minimize rust or other stains and expedite restoration.
  6. Place aluminum foil under legs of wood furniture, especially antiques that might permanently stain carpet. Make plans for restoration crews to remove large furniture items from affected areas.
  7. Hang draperies and pin up furniture skirts to prevent contact with wet floor coverings, and to minimize damage such as water marks, browning, dye transfer or migration.
  8. Remove and secure breakables, moisture sensitive, or high-value items.
  9. Be aware that time is a crucial factor, and any delays in loss mitigation and restoration might result in adverse health and safety effects, and additional damage to the structure and contents.
  10. Consult your disaster plan, and select a water damage mitigation company for your project consider the following:
  • Member company in good standing with the Restoration Industry Association (RIA)
  • Employs individuals who hold advanced certifications to perform water damage mitigation by industry trade associations such as the Water Loss Institute or the IICRC?
  • Ask how many years of experience does the company have in the field of water damage mitigation?
  • Can they provide proof that the company is properly licensed, bonded and insured as required by Washington State?
  • Does the company follow accepted standards for water damage mitigation such as those published by the IICRC?
  • Does the company have the necessary testing to locate areas of damage not visible to the naked eye?
  • Does the company have the necessary drying equipment to ensure a complete and competent mitigation?


By Bill Leak

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