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While we do not often think about the blacktop beneath our tires and under our feet, having a proper maintenance program for your asphalt can extend its life significantly, therefore pushing out the replacement date and saving thousands of dollars.

Asphalt paving is done with a mix of asphalt binder and construction aggregate (rocks and sand).  From the moment it is installed, it starts to deteriorate.  You may think the deterioration is mostly from traffic, however the most impactful elements are sunshine (especially UV), rain, moisture and harsh chemicals like oils, gasoline, etc. 

Asphalt works by providing a “waterproof” skin to vehicle areas, which does not allow water to get underneath it.  With regular crack sealing and sealcoating you can keep the water from causing damage like “alligator bellying” and potholes, which can accelerate damage to the surface if left alone.  When there are breaks in the asphalt the result is that water infiltrates below the surface of the paved area and causes subterranean erosion as well as damage caused by the freeze-thaw cycle in winter.

Remember to sealcoat your asphalt 6 months after installation and again every two to three years for best results and longest life.  Sealcoating protects against oxidation, blocks UV damage and prevents the sun’s drying effects which cause reveling, cracking, and deterioration.  It helps keep water from infiltrating below the surface (the fastest way to damage asphalt.)

Save Money

The binder in asphalt is a petroleum product and has tripled in price over the past forty years—replacement is a cost which every association should have in their reserve study and budget for.  You can push the date out on your replacement from less than 10 years for completely unmaintained asphalt to 20+ years for well-loved pavement, more than doubling the lifespan!

Save Hassle

With a seasoned provider that has years of experience working with community associations, multifamily, and hospitality clients you can be assured that the work will be executed with a detailed plan to ensure all areas are treated with minimum hassle to the occupants. End Of Article

Transblue offers free asphalt consultations!

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By Transblue

By Transblue

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Transblue provides Asphalt & Concrete Services to community associations, as well as a variety of residential, public and commercial properties. A smooth, freshly painted parking lot is a thing of beauty and function. Assure your customers that their safety is a priority by refreshing your asphalt, concrete, and other hard surfaces with Transblue.

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