Sophia Lopez has been surviving disasters her whole life. Now, she gets to educate others on how to do just that. Having personally experienced and survived tornadoes in Texas, hurricanes in Georgia and Louisiana, snowstorms in Eastern WA, and earthquakes in Hawaii, Sophia was a preparedness expert long before discovering she could major in it, let alone dedicate her life to it. She received a Master’s in Homeland Security Studies from Tulane University; is a Certified Emergency Manager with over eight years of practical experience in Emergency Management; and has over 20 years of experience in customer service. She has served on multiple deployments and activations, including supporting the USDA with the Avian Influenza outbreak in 2015 (HPAI) as the Documentation Lead and serving as the Logistics Section Chief for the King County COVID-19 response in 2020. She has worked in Emergency Management as a volunteer, student, and in private and public industry. Sophia currently works as a Program Manager with King County Emergency Management where she manages public education and outreach for disaster preparedness and business continuity.