Mike Thomas founded M. Thomas Company with the purpose of creating and transforming work environments into places of community and connection. When team members feel trusted, empowered and supported, they engage and perform at a higher level. Using innovative principles and real-world business acumen, Mike Thomas works with executives, managers, peers, and teammates to find meaning in their work together and a shared mission.

With a construction background spanning over 25 years, Mike has developed skills and tools to coach leaders and teams in building roadmaps to success. Focusing on culture, values, decision-making and practical metrics, he guides teams to higher performance and better connection with each other. Great employees gravitate toward cultures that support healthy, supportive, caring environments where people feel heard, respected and experience growth.

Today’s business environment invites change in our thinking and metrics; employees seek purpose in their work life. Mike Thomas brings these principles to his work, to his family in Sammamish, WA, and many years coaching youth athletics. Results will follow when we trust the process.