Michael D. Brandt is currently the CAI-LAC Covid-19 Co-Chair and has been an active member of the Legislative Action Committee for the last thirteen (13) years, where he has worked on providing direction to Governor Inslee that resulted in the current COVID-19 community association-related Proclamation 20-51. He also facilitates the Attorney Advisory committee to the WSCAI-LAC. He is a past two term Director of the WSCAI Chapter Board and a former three year Co-Chair of the Legislative Action Committee. Michael is the principal of Brandt Law Group, a Seattle law firm that provides legal services to condominium and homeowner associations, their officers, directors, and individual members, as well as to the owners of single family residential properties and commercial properties. Michael has been practicing real estate law for 28 years in Seattle and lives in Snoqualmie, Washington, where he is a member of the Snoqualmie Ridge HOA.