Focusing on employment and labor law (both transactional and litigation), Kathy represents employers and employees in a wide range of employment-related issues, including discrimination, sexual harassment, disciplinary determinations, wrongful termination, wage-and-hour issues and unfair competition claims. She advises clients on matters involving the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Washington Minimum Wage Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, federal and state anti-discrimination laws, the Family Medical Leave Act, the National Labor Relations Act and the Public Employees’ Collective Bargaining Act.

Kathy assists clients in drafting, negotiating and implementing employment contracts and manuals and provides individual training and education programs for employers. She also represents employers in labor negotiations and disputes, including representation questions, contract and disciplinary grievances and unfair labor practice charges. Kathy regularly serves as an independent investigator for purposes of investigating workplace complaints. Her investigations include high profile cases involving public institutions/officials as well as a wide variety of public and private employment issues and concerns.