Benefits of Synthetic Turf for Condominiums & Apartments

Benefits of Synthetic Turf for Condominiums & Apartments

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Benefits of Synthetic Turf for Condominiums & Apartments

These days, synthetic turf is widely accepted as an alternative for sod lawns in both commercial and residential settings.  Condominiums and apartments especially have been converting sod lawn areas into synthetic turf more in the past few years as they discover and reap the benefits of switching over!

First, synthetic turf looks great.  Long gone are the days of the unicolor first-generation products—modern synthetic turf is designed with different color and engineer designed blade shapes as well as multicolored “thatch” to give the turf a full-bodied look and feel like healthy lawn.

It never needs fertilizer or chemicals, no gasoline needs to be burned cutting it thirty-six times a year, the only water you’ll use is to rinse debris off of it, it does not grow weeds, and it has a very high durability allowing it to look beautiful even under heavy foot traffic.  Unlike sod lawns it can be installed in locations with heavy shade or tree coverage, where growing an English lawn is just not feasible, including rooftop gardens!  Synthetic turf is a cleaner, lower maintenance, more eco-friendly way to keep any property looking great while maintaining the usability of lawn areas for outdoor enjoyment.

Gone are drainage problems—synthetic turf drains at 12 gallons per minute and dries quickly, eliminating drainage issues like puddling and pooling!

Synthetic turf can stand up to heavy use—including pets!  The turf is infilled with a positive ion mineral, zeolite, which absorbs odors to be rinsed away with the next rainstorm.  Because of the excellent drainage, the lawn dries quickly afterward and because it is laid on top of a bed of crushed rock there is no exposed dirt to create mud—it’s all around cleaner and easier!

Very low maintenance cost, great appearance 24/7/365 and better for the environment, these are the reasons that communities are making the switch to synthetic turf.  As experts in synthetic turf install, we are here to help with your questions!  End Of Article

By Transblue

By Transblue

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