LAC End of Legislative Session Report 2020

LAC End of Legislative Session Report 2020

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LAC End of Legislative Session Report 2020

Washington’s 2020 Legislative Session ended on March 12. The Washington State Chapter of Community Associations Institute (WSCAI) had a very successful year. The bills described below and outcomes noted are a small snapshot of the hundreds of hours of work by WSCAI’s Legislative Action Committee (LAC) and the Chapter’s professional lobbyists to advance the interests of homeowners living in community associations in Washington State.

Bill Descriptions & Outcomes:

Construction Defect Bills: SB 5219 & HB 1576 (OPPOSE)

Spot Art: Legal Fees and CostsLast Session, several bills were introduced that would have eliminated condominium warranties from projects with 7 or fewer units, including SB 5219 and HB 1576. The Chapter opposed those bills. The bills did not pass last session but they were automatically reintroduced this session under Washington’s biennium legislative procedures. SB 5219 was a point of contention with last minute attempts to amend and pass the bill within hours of the House of Origin Cutoff. We are pleased to report that the bill did not pass.

HB 1165 – Low Water Landscaping (SUPPORT)

Spot Art: Legal Fees and CostsHB 1165 passed out of Senate Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources & Parks Committee, with WSCAI, Department of Ecology, and League of Women voters all testifying in support. Under the bill, community association boards will no longer be allowed to outright ban low-water and wildfire ignition-resistant landscaping but will retain the ability to decide what water-efficient and wildfire ignition-resistant landscaping will be allowed and the aesthetics of the landscaping. In addition, community associations cannot fine residents who are following drought emergency guidelines issued by the Department of Ecology. The bill passed almost unanimously from both chambers (House: 93-4-1 & Senate: 46-2-1) and was signed by the Governor. The law takes effect June 11, 2020.

SB 5168 – Homeowner Notices of Fines (SUPPORT)

Spot Art: Legal Fees and CostsSB 5168 originally added a 45-day notice period before community associations could issue fines. Over the last few years, WSCAI and the Washington Commission on African American Affairs worked on a compromise solution. The bill, supported by WSCAI, stated that notice should be given in a reasonable time frame and a chance to appeal to the board should be provided in a fair manner. The bill made it out of the Senate (47-1-1) but died in the House due to lack of time.

SB 6617 – Accessory Dwelling Units (NEUTRAL)

Spot Art: Legal Fees and CostsHB 2570 and SB 6617 dealt with the issue of facilitating and promoting the use of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) through changes to development and zoning regulations. WSCAI was able to include language making the new requirements “subject to” recorded covenants in common interest communities. That language was challenged by certain parties in the final days of the session but we were able to keep it intact. The bill passed and was signed by the Governor on March 27.

WSCAI’s Legislative Action Committee is made up of homeowners, community managers, and business partners who volunteer their time and expertise to benefit the more than 2.1 million homeowners living in community associations in Washington State whose interests the Chapter represents.

As the session wraps up, let’s all take a moment to thank them for their work! End Of Article


Learn more about WSCAI’s advocacy efforts through our Legislative Action Committee (LAC). 

Donate To WSCAI’s Legislative Action Committee

Your contribution is critical in helping the LAC fulfill their advocacy mission.

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