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Out of sight, out of mind? Since most of your community piping is hidden behind walls, it’s all too easy to disregard the warning signs of a problem that could lead to a costly catastrophe.

Here Are Six Indicators You Can’t Ignore:

[1] Poor Water Pressure:

Low water pressure is a tell-tale sign of severely corroded pipes. As corrosion builds up inside the pipe, water flow to faucets, showerheads, and more is drastically reduced.

[2] Drain Backups:

Corrosion of your drain, waste, and vent (DWV) pipes can cause major blockages and even complete structural failure. Slow-draining water, odors, and backups (particularly in ground-floor units) are all symptoms of a corroded and failing DWV piping system.

[3] Extremely Hot Water or Excessive Temperature Fluctuations:

Hot water supply lines are known to corrode faster than cold water supply lines. As these pipes begin to corrode, debris becomes trapped and lodged within the anti-scalding components built into sinks and tubs/shower valves, causing extreme fluctuations in hot water temperature.

[4] Discolored Water:

Brown or red tinted water is a telling sign that your pipes are corroding. As the interior of the pipes rust, metal flakes off the pipe, causing the water to become discolored.

[5] Chronic Leaks:

As pipes begin to fail, either from age or defective products, leaks can become continual headaches for maintenance staff. No matter how big or small, recurring leaks are the primary reason for moisture buildup behind walls—leading to drywall deterioration and mold infestation.

[6] Noisy Plumbing:

Your plumbing system and fixtures are designed to be quiet. Clanking, clicks, thuds, and moans caused by variances in pressure or temperature, are a common signal that something isn’t quite right.

If you frequently observe any of these signs of piping stress, obtain a professional inspection so that you can plan for how to extend the reliable performance of your community’s piping systems and when to replace them. End Of Article

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By SageWater

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