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There are many laws and regulations in Washington State that community associations should be aware of and prepared to address. Common area safety and electric vehicle charging are two examples that we elaborate on below.

Common Area Safety Responsibility

One of the most expensive lawsuits an association can face is one related to a slip and fall. Reports state that there are over 1 million slip and falls in the United States each year relating to slippery or icy conditions during inclement weather. The average cost of a slip and fall is $48,000.

Every homeowner’s association or condominium complex has the responsibility to ensure that the common areas are safe for all owners and tenants. What that means is if there is moisture in the air or on the ground and freezing temperatures, there is a chance that someone may fall due to slippery conditions.

If someone falls due to the neglect of the association, then they have opened themselves up to legal action from the damaged party. Having a snow and ice mitigation plan in place is crucial to properly managing an owner’s association.

New Legislation On EV Charging

There is a lot of uncertainty ahead for homeowner’s associations and condominium complexes in regard to the legislation around electric vehicle charging stations. We are entering a new world where owners are responsible for the costs of installation and associations are responsible for the cost of infrastructure.

Electric vehicle charging stations will be a requirement for all associations in Washington State. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. End Of Article

By Transblue

By Transblue

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