Made For Managers Day Committee

Made for Managers Day Committee-With input, recommendations and approval from the Board of Directors, and the assistance of the Chapter Executive Director, the Committee shall be responsible for the planning, execution and oversight of the annual Made For Managers Day Event.

Chair: Paul D. Grucza, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
CWD Group, Inc., AAMC
(206) 706-8000

Theresa Beers, CMCA
T-Square Properties
(425) 485-1800

Toni Hahn, CMCA
TRF Pacific Management Services
(206) 985-0100 x125

Michael Howe, CMCA, AMS
Morris Management, Inc., AAMC
(425) 283-5858

Marlyn Hawkins
Barker Martin, P.S.
(206) 381-9806

Cameron Hazen, CMCA, AMS
Associa EMB Management, AAMC®
(425) 452-7330

Board Liaison: Ferdinand Boyce
Royal Crest Condominium
(206) 456-5395