Governing Documents Webinar

Part Of WSCAIs 2023
Board Members & Homeowners Webinar Series
Part of a webinar series designed for board members and homeowners offered by WSCAI’s Education Committee.

“That’s Actually In The Declaration,
Not The Bylaws”

A Rundown On Where to Find the Information About Who Is In Charge Of What, How Your Association Runs, & How To Change The Bits That Need Tweaking

Your docs tell you everything about your association and are the only leg you have to stand on when it comes to enforcement and matters of responsibility. They determine everything from which RCW’s you abide by, how much insurance you need, who can park where, and who gets to pay for that [snow plow, window cleaning, insurance deductible, dead tree, re-roof, etc] project. They’re changing a lot, hard to read, and should maybe be updated. Come find out where to find the info you need, how to read about the thing you need, and then how to change it if it’s not the thing that fits your community anymore.


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Ila Kane, CMCA, AMS
Community Association Manager - EMB Management, an Associa Company
Ken Harer, CCAL
Managing Partner - Condominium Law Group, PLLC


Series Pricing For Members:
(Includes up to three (3) participants per webinar. Association must have a membership with WSCAI of three (3) or more board members.)

$20 (thru 12/30)
$25 (thru 1/6)
$35 (after 1/6)

$39 (thru 12/30)
$49 (thru 1/6)
$59 (after 1/6)

2022 Monthly Webinar Series:
January 13Governing Documents
February 10Water Leaks & Insurance Coverage
March 10Reserve Studies
April 14Collection 101
May 12Understanding Financial Reports & Audits
June 15Budgets
July 14Insurance 101: Different Types of Insurance & Coverage
August 11Clean Building Performance Standards
September 8Disaster Preparedness
October 6Working With A Management Company
December 8New Communities & Developer Transitions

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Morris Management, Inc., AAMC

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