Community Associations (CA) Day

WSCAI CA Day - Vendor Theme: Through The Decades - October 15 2022

Community Associations (CA) Day is Washington State’s Largest Annual Educational Event & Trade Show for Condos & HOAs. This annual event is in its 35th year.

Education Event

= Up To Three (3) Credit Hours
Manager members may earn up to 3 clock hours of continuing education by attending CA Day sessions.

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FEES: Full registration includes continental breakfast, seminars, lunch, trade show, reception and the opportunity to win many prizes.

Homeowners & Managers

$85 Through 9/23
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$150 At The Door

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$195 Through 9/23
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$295 After 10/7
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Non-Member Pricing

Full Registration — Per Person

FEES: Full registration includes continental breakfast, seminars, lunch, trade show, reception and the opportunity to win many prizes.

Homeowners & Managers

$109 Through 9/23
$129 Through 10/7
$159 After 10/7
$179 At The Door

Business Partners (Non-Exhibiting)

$279 Through 9/23
$349 Through 10/7
$419 After 10/7
$489 At The Door

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CA Day Schedule:

Seattle Convention Center | 705 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101

7:30 – 8:30 a.m.

 Registration & Exhibit Hall Opens
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8:30 – 9:45 a.m.

Concurrent Sessions (Choose 1)

You’ve Been Sued, Now What? The Dance Between Insurance & Litigation.

Getting sued is bound to happen eventually for every association. As your attorney will tell you, anyone can sue you for any reason. There is no prerequisite that a suit must have merit before filing, anyone can file a suit against anyone else, for any reason. This presentation will walk you through what to do when you get sued whether it’s the association, the manager, or the individual board members, and the two people you should call right away. . . your attorney and your insurance broker.

When you get sued you often have a short answer timeline and a whole bunch of things need to happen in that timeframe or you risk losing by default, so come learn what to do now, so you are prepared if and when you get sued. We will discuss the types of insurance coverage and how they come into play during litigation, the common pitfalls for associations and boards, and a few ways suits frequently play out.


(Click image for full presenter bio.)

Samantha Brown, Esq.
General Counsel Group - Barker Martin, P.S.
Steve Weidenbach, CIRMS
Agency Owner - American Family Insurance

Reserve Studies and Funding: Basics, Costs, Inflation and Legislation

Reserve Studies are both art and science, proceeding along defined methodologies and National Reserve Study Standards promulgated by CAI in 1998. With the goal of minimizing special assessments and financial surprises, judgment and experience also weigh heavily as the reserve study provider considers all aspects of anticipating the future maintenance, repair and replacement needs within a common interest development. What is abundantly clear is the risk of those surprises, special assessments and lower property values increases as reserves percent funded decreases.

Inflation is currently at a 40-year high near 9%, with typical reserve component projects inflating much higher. The current economic conditions will have a profound effect on associations in many ways during the foreseeable future. This program will guide your understanding of inflation resources to inform associations and their professionals how to map a strategy to deal with it in an informed manner.

Legislation in Washington has an evolving history broadly affecting community associations of all sizes and types. From the Horizontal Property Regimes Act of the 1960’s, Condo and HOA Acts of the 1990’s, 2005 law addressing construction defect legislation, 2008 reserve study requirements at the urging of the WSCAI membership, to the WUCIOA effective 2018. Our laws are complicated and will likely change again over time. As buildings and their infrastructure age and the associated risks increase – highlighted by the worst-case scenario collapse of Champlain Towers South – it is important to form a collective vision of where our laws need to evolve going forward. This program will connect the dots and provide firsthand insight into the legislative process and thought-provoking steps for consideration.


(Click image for full presenter bio.)

Christian Colunga, RS
President - Association Reserves WA, LLC
Jim Talaga, RS
President - Association Reserves WA

Practical Understanding of Your Financials & Annual Audit

Financial statements present the financial condition and performance for your association. As board members and managers, it is vital that you understand what you are reading. Learning how to anticipate what to expect, and how to track and understand financial trends will enable you to be well versed in understanding and interpreting financial information.

Identify relationships between balance sheet accounts and revenues and expenses. Understand what information and the importance that the other reports included in your monthly packet provide.

Learn how to ensure the audit process is efficient, effective, and timely. Learn why audited financial statements might vary from your monthly financials. Understand what is involved in the audit process and who is responsible.


(Click image for full presenter bio.)

Jeremy Newman, CPA
Owner - Newman Certified Public Accountant, PC

From Contempt to Commitment: Repairing a Fractured HOA

Technology has connected us to more people than ever, yet our local communities continue to struggle with disharmony and back-channel conflict. Association leaders are charged with making hard decisions that reflect community input and preferences, but what happens when community members’ only contributions to meetings are cynical and derisive, if they even show up at all?

For associations struggling with a divided community paralyzed by dysfunction, all is not lost. The path to harmony is closer than you think and requires neither a large financial investment nor surrendering your community to endless petty skirmishes. Attendees will leave with practical tools you can deploy immediately to improve your association’s ability to get things done with more cooperation, greater member participation, and less conflict.

The presentation will include real-world examples from leaders throughout the CAI community, and a Q&A period for direct answers to your most pressing questions.


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Michael Davis
Operations - Dimensional Building Consultants

9:45 – 11:15 a.m.

 Exhibit Hall & Refreshment Break
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Lopsa Painting LLC
Tatley Grund

11:15 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Concurrent Sessions (Choose 1)

Collection, Enforcement, and Rules, Oh My!

Contrary to the belief of many, rules and regulations are some of the most difficult to draft and one of the most important governing documents an association has. This presentation will focus on the most common perils and pitfalls of rules, as well as recommended strategies for amending an association’s rules and regulations, including enforcement and collection policies, to meet an association’s unique characteristics and needs, to take advantage of new statutory provisions, as well as eliminate any conflicting language with applicable statutes or superseding governing documents.

Our goal is to provide a high-level overview of what to expect when an association decides it’s time to adopt new rules as well as the clues to look for to know that it’s time for new rules. Join us in a discussion of this important topic and to hear some of the craziest enforcement stories we have had and learn how we navigated those tricky waters!


(Click image for full presenter bio.)

Samantha Brown, Esq.
General Counsel Group - Barker Martin, P.S.
Lauren Olson, Esq.
Associate Attorney - Barker Martin, P.S.

Are Your Home Market Values Being Impacted By Today’s Technology Trends?

Technology advancements for buildings and services are continually improving. The explosion of new buildings in our area are incorporating the latest technologies. As condominium units in your community sell, do prospective buyers view your community as being old and behind the times? Key things buyers are looking for today are ways to power their electric vehicle; how to prevent major water losses costing thousands of dollars; security and surveillance to prevent theft, and even to the point of how you welcome guests into your building. If these are not technologically current, then buyers may be looking elsewhere, impacting the values of homes in your community.


(Click image for full presenter bio.)

Bob Brencic, CMCA, AMS, MBA
President & Owner - Trestle Community Management

The Association Is A “10” But They Don’t Know How To Utilize Their Management Company

The partnership between a board and their management company is often a love-hate relationship and one of the most misunderstood in the industry. Having a management company is a great benefit to the association, supplying invaluable guidance, best practices, and a helping hand. However, often a lack of understanding over what the roles of both the board and management company are and the authority and responsibilities of each have led to increasingly antagonistic relationships between the two.

Join us as we explain each party’s roles and responsibilities, where the authority for those arise from, and what tips, tricks, and skills each side can utilize to create and maintain a successful working relationship.


(Click image for full presenter bio.)

Kristen McCormick, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
CEO/Co-Owner - Agynbyte LLC
Caitlin Traub, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
Senior Vice President - Hammersmith Management

Whose Authority Is It Anyway? What Can Be Accomplished Through A Rule, Board Resolution, Or Amendment?

Community association boards of directors often know what they want to accomplish to better serve their community, but how it can be accomplished is generally less clear. While certain goals can be met by adopting a resolution, others may require amendments to governing documents approved by owners.

This presentation will discuss what options are available to community associations seeking to adopt a new regulation or procedure, and when it is necessary to use the amendment process as opposed to the adoption of a resolution or rule. Attendees will learn what questions need to be asked to determine when an action can be authorized by directors alone, when owner votes are required, and when to get attorneys involved.

In addition, this presentation will explain the hierarchy of governing documents so that community associations are equipped to identify conflicts and determine how to proceed in the face of conflicting provisions in their respective documents, or Washington law.


(Click image for full presenter bio.)

Brittaney Bones, Esq
Associate Attorney - Vial Fotheringham LLP
Greg Coxey, Esq.
Partner - Vial Fotheringham LLP

12:30 – 2:00 p.m.

Networking Luncheon & Exhibit Hall
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Around the Clock, Inc.
CDK Construction Services
SABA & Associates Collections
Steadfast Construction, Inc

2:00 – 3:15 p.m

Concurrent Sessions (Choose 1)

Reserve Yourself: Navigating Current Challenges With Reserve Funding

Reserve studies are an important budget tool for many community associations. Shifts in market conditions and a changing legal landscape pose new challenges for associations. This session will include a brief overview of reserve study basics including statutory requirements, the calculations within a study and how to select the best funding plan for your community. Additional discussion topics include a dive into current market costs and how inflation in today’s market is driving your reserve study, what to do if your association is underfunded and the future of reserve study legislation.


(Click image for full presenter bio.)

Karen McDonald, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, RS
President & Founder - Accurate Reserve Professionals, LLC
Timothy Feth, Esq.
Partner - Rafel Law Group, PLLC

Boards: Cover Your Ass(ets) Understanding & Minimizing The Risk Of Loss Or How To Sleep Better At Night.

Recently, economic fears have driven concerns about costs and motivated some to seek illicit financial gain through the coffers of community associations. Major losses to association’s assets can often be avoided or mitigated with due diligence and risk management from the board. Although management companies do their best to act on the association’s behalf, there are steps the board should take to protect themselves and the association.

This panel of industry experts will provide an overview of significant causes for loss disrupting the community association industry and how boards can avoid becoming a target. Whether it is unauthorized access to your bank accounts, cyber criminals or vendors filing liens on property due to non-payment, what are best practices for board members to protect the assets of the association and minimize risk?

The program will include important topics, case scenarios and strategies for board members to utilize to avoid exposure to loss including management of funds, management control of vendors, contractual safeguards and risk financing.


(Click image for full presenter bio.)

Greg Floyd, CIRMS
Senior Vice President - HUB International NW
Jill Jones
Vice President, Senior HOA Lending Officer - Columbia Bank
Lena Barouh, Esq.
Associate Attorney - Condominium Law Group, PLLC
Tyler Weaver, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
President & Senior Community Association Manager - Best Management Company

Stormwater Inspections – Ensuring Safety & Compliance

The rainy season is almost upon us, and along with the rainfall comes city inspectors checking up on private stormwater systems and requiring maintenance to be completed. Is your community prepared?

Stormwater systems are often overlooked but are a critical asset for managing rainwater in and around your property. When foul weather arises, are your stormwater structures clean, in good repair and prepared to keep your building safe? Stormwater inspections should be part of your routine maintenance regimen so you know how your system will perform when you need it most, and so that you can stay in municipal compliance, avoid fines, and help keep pollutants out of the Puget Sound.

Our panel of professionals will discuss the latest municipal stormwater regulations, early warning signs, what to inspect and when, and share some expertise in how to get the most from your stormwater system–and the team inspecting it. Don’t leave your property in puddles this year. Join us and help keep you and your community high and dry this winter.


(Click image for full presenter bio.)

Dave Gramann
Principal - Amento Group
Erin Brewster
Sales & Marketing Director - CatchAll Environmental
Joey Moser
Inspections Coordinator & Project Estimating Manager - CatchAll Environmental
Josh Strange
Project Construction Manager - Amento Group

WSCAI 101: Getting The Most Out Of Your Membership As A Manager, Board Member Or Business Partner

Are you the manager who shows up to the periodic in-person event and joins an online webinar from time to time but wishes you could get more connected? Are you a board member looking for ways to plug into more to educational opportunities or develop better relationships with Business Partners but don’t know where to start? Look no further!

We want to talk to you about the benefits of getting involved, and how make the most of your event attendance, grow your skillset, knowledge, and vendor base. We’ll provide tips on networking within the Chapter (even if you are shy), using National CAI resources, and what the letters after our names mean.


(Click image for full presenter bio.)

Ila Kane, CMCA, AMS
Community Association Manager - EMB Management, an Associa Company
Jackie Davis
Business Development Manager - BluSky Restoration Contractors, LLC & WSCAI Chapter President
Vanessa Tilberg, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
Operations Director - Trestle Community Management

3:15 – 4:00 p.m.

Reception — Exhibitor Drawings & Scavenger Hunt Winner Announced
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All Covered Painting & Property Services
Associa EMB Management
Suitcasing Prohibited


CAI has a NO-TOLERANCE policy regarding “suitcasing,” which describes the practice of non-exhibiting companies or individuals soliciting sales or sales leads, and/or representing their services or soliciting seminar participants for conflicting social activities. Non-exhibiting business partners participating in the seminar as attendees or speakers are prohibited from soliciting business in or after sessions, or in the seminar location.

Violators of these policies will be ejected from CA Day if applicable, and charged $1,000, which must be paid prior to registering as an attendee, exhibitor, or sponsor at any future CAI events.

WSCAI CA Day - Book Drive - Benefiting Mercy Housing

New & Gently Used Children’s Books Needed!

WSCAI’s Community Outreach Committee has organized a Book Drive in partnership with Mercy Housing NW. The committee is collecting new and gently used books for MHNW’s Homework Club.

Books will be collected in a drop box near check-in at CA Day. 

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Armadillo Painting Co.
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Blue Mountain Community Management
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