Budget Building Webinar

Part Of WSCAIs 2023
Board Members & Homeowners Webinar Series
Part of a webinar series designed for board members and homeowners offered by WSCAI’s Education Committee.

Budget Building 365 Days Per Year

Most associations dive into their budgeting process a few months before the end of the fiscal year and then need to scramble to get everything done on time. Starting early, taking the time to do careful planning, gathering the right data, and having a robust understanding of an association’s financials and reserve study are keys to success.

We will discuss tips and timelines for preparing the annual budget, how to incorporate the reserve study into the budgeting process and what Associations need to know about the approval process and disclosure requirements.


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Heather Hutchison, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
General Manager - First Hill Plaza Condominium Association


Series Pricing For Members:
(Includes up to three (3) participants per webinar. Association must have a membership with WSCAI of three (3) or more board members.)

$20 (thru 6/1)
$25 (thru 6/8)
$35 (after 6/8)

$39 (thru 6/1)
$49 (thru 6/8)
$59 (after 6/8)

2022 Monthly Webinar Series:
January 13Governing Documents
February 10Water Leaks & Insurance Coverage
March 10Reserve Studies
April 14Collection 101
May 12Understanding Financial Reports & Audits
June 15Budgets
July 14Insurance 101: Different Types of Insurance & Coverage
August 11Clean Building Performance Standards
September 8Disaster Preparedness
October 6Working With A Management Company
December 8New Communities & Developer Transitions

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Agynbyte LLC
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Morris Management, Inc., AAMC
Newman Certified Public Accountant, PC

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