Committees & Chairs

WSCAI encourages chapter involvement through our committees. As part of a committee, volunteer members work together to address various areas within WSCAI. Most importantly, this gives these members an opportunity to help shape our chapter.
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Join One Of Our Committees!

Our chapter has several committees members are welcome to participate in. You’ll get the most out of your membership if you invest time into helping WSCAI committees stay active and innovative. Our committees implement the strategic plan for the Chapter. From programs to publications to legislative activity, committee members provide the strength that enables the Chapter to meet the needs of its member communities in the Washington area.

Each committee has a specific focus that furthers WSCAI’s mission. By volunteering for a committee, you will help accomplish the committee’s goals for WSCAI. Thus, you are contributing to making our chapter more effective for all members.

If you are interested in joining one of WSCAIs committees, please email Kyle Tibbs at

Benefits of Joining a Committee

  • Meet, network and establish a rapport with other industry members and the community association industry
  • Establish yourself and your company as a leader in the community association industry
  • Keep abreast of changes, trends and developments in the community association industry
  • Recognition among peers for outstanding work and volunteerism
  • Share knowledge and experiences to create quality programs & services to improve the community association industry

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Committee


Mary Reiten, Esq.

Board Liaison:

Andrea Goodmansen

About ADR Committee

The purpose of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Committee is to administer the Chapter’s Mediation Program in coordination with the Chapter Office.

Business Partners Committee


Ian Scott

Board Liaison:

Jill Jones

About Business Partner Committee

The Business Partners Committee is made up of WSCAI Business Partner Members. The goal of this committee is to maximize the value on this investment, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

The Business Partners Committee seeks to accomplish this goal in several ways:

  • Through improved sponsorship opportunities for Business Partners
  • Through education regarding exposure opportunities for Business Partners
  • Through social events designed specifically for Business Partners

Business Partner Committee members collaborate on implementing these objectives, as well as finding new ways to achieve these goals.

CA Day Committee


Kathy Dough

Vice Chair:

Sean Hughes

Board Liaison:

Greg Floyd

About CA Day Committee

The purpose of the CA Day Committee is to develop an educational, informational, and engaging member event providing elements of networking, professional development, resources and educational development for the membership.

Communications Committee

Board Liaison:

Allison Peryea, Esq

About Communications Committee

The purpose of the Communications Committee is to anticipate and meet the needs of WSCAI members by publishing relevant, current and beneficial articles in the monthly WSCAI Journal; to provide Business Partner members with marketing opportunities; and to maximize advertising revenue for the Chapter.

Community Outreach Committee


Jackki Vo, CMCA, AMS

Board Liaison:

Jill Jones

About Community Outreach Committee

The purpose of the Community Outreach Committee is to foster members to use their skills and knowledge to support charities or other philanthropic endeavors which may also benefit the Community Association industry or communities where we live and work. Projects involved in: Adopt-A-Road, Ronald McDonald House, Toys for Tots, One Warm Coat (coat drive), Earth Day project at a member community association, and back pack drive for Mercy Housing.

Education Committee


Heather Hutchison, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

Board Liaison:

Kristen McCormick, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

About Education Committee

The purpose of the Education Committee is to anticipate and meet the needs of WSCAI community association members, directors, officers and manager members by developing, promoting and presenting relevant educational programs throughout the state.

Law Day Committee


Alexis Ducich, Esq.

Board Liaison:

Allison Peryea, Esq

About Law Day Committee

The purpose of the Law Day Committee is to organize two annual Law Day events, which has a two-fold purpose: To provide an opportunity for CAI members to learn firsthand from industry legal experts about current issues and to raise funds in an effort to ensure that the Legislative Action Committee has adequate funding to monitor legislation that is introduced and to positively influence the governance and control of common interest communities.

Legislative Action Committee (LAC)


Hilary Bublitz, CMCA, AMS

Board Liaison:

Cameron S. Hazen, CMCA, AMS

About LAC

The Washington Legislative Action Committee (CAI WA-LAC) is a volunteer committee of CAI consisting of homeowners and professionals serving community associations. The CAI WA-LAC works with those living and working in community associations to speak on their behalf with one united voice on legislative and regulatory matters that affect community associations. Responsible for identifying legislative issues of importance to community associations in Washington, the WA-LAC monitors legislation and helps set specific legislative priorities. The CAI WA-LAC builds relationships with and educates state officials to make CAI WA-LAC the go-to resource when they are presented with community association issues.

Made For Managers Day Committee


Aimee Hilton, CMCA

Board Liaison:

Linda Hanson

About MFMD Committee

Made for Managers Day Committee: With input, recommendations and approval from the Board of Directors, and the assistance of the Chapter Executive Director, the Committee shall be responsible for the planning, execution and oversight of the annual Made For Managers Day Event.

Managers Only Meetings (MOM) Committee


Kristen McCormick, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

Board Liaison:

Kristen McCormick, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

About MOM Committee

The Mangers Only Meetings Committee is responsible for the development, promotion, and presentation of Managers Only Meetings (MOMs). These events are full of relevant, timely information to assist community association managers wanting to increase their skills and knowledge-base, which are essential to the successful management of associations.

The Mangers Only Meetings Committee determines what topics are covered at these meetings and who is presenting. Presentations are given by industry professionals who are members of WSCAI and specialize in a segment of the industry.

Membership Committee


Nicole Lemons, CMCA, AMS

Board Liaison:

Hal Hovey

About Membership Committee

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to advise and assist the Board and the Chapter on attracting, maintaining, and retaining new Membership and planning quarterly Chapter luncheons.

Social Committee


Rachel Amundson

Board Liaison:

Toni Hahn, CMCA, AMS

About Social Committee

The purpose of the Social Committee is to build the WSCAI community through social events while fostering a sense of community networking, Responsible for the overall management, selection of location, recruiting sponsors, and planning the Annual Golf Tournament and the Awards Gala connected with the Annual Meeting.

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