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CA Day 2019

Washington State Convention Center

WSCAI People Holding a Seminar Banner
WSCAI People Holding a Seminar Banner

Community Associations (CA) Day

Washington’s Largest Annual Educational Conference & Trade Show For Community Associations

Saturday, October 5, 2019

7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Educating the Leaders of Washington’s Condominium & Homeowner Associations

About CA Day

Community Associations Day or CA Day is Washington’s largest educational conference and trade show for condominium and homeowner associations and community managers – it’s often referred to as a home show for condos and HOAs. CA Day is an all-day event that includes 151 industry-specific exhibitors in the trade show, 15 education based sessions, a networking lunch and the opportunity to have your association’s questions answered by professionals and peers. This annual event is in its 32st year. Participation has grown from 25 initial attendees to 800+ condominium and HOA representatives and businesses.

Date & Time

October 5
7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Washington State Convention Center
705 Pike Street,
Seattle, WA 98101-2350
(206) 694-5000

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Member Pricing

Homeowners & Managers
$90 (Through 8/30)
$110 (Through 9/27)
$135 (After 9/27)
$155 (At The Door)

Business Partners
$250 (Through 8/30)
$300 (Through 9/27)
$350 (After 9/27)
$400 (At The Door)

Non-Member Pricing

Homeowners & Managers
$114 (Through 8/30)
$134 (Through 9/27)
$164 (After 9/27)
$184 (At The Door)

Business Partners
$299 (Through 8/30)
$349 (Through 9/27)
$399 (After 9/27)
$449 (At The Door)

CA Day Exhibitors:

WSCAI “Suitcasing” Policy

CAI has a no-tolerance policy regarding “suitcasing,” which describes the practice of non-exhibiting companies or individuals soliciting sales or sales leads, and/or representing their services or soliciting seminar participants for conflicting social activities. Non-exhibiting business partners participating in the seminar as attendees or speakers are prohibited from soliciting business in or after sessions, or in the seminar location.

Violators of these policies will be ejected from CA Day if applicable, and charged $1,000, which must be paid prior to registering as an attendee, exhibitor, or sponsor at any future CAI events.

CA Day Schedule

[ 7:30 a.m. ] Registration & Exhibit Hall Opens

[ 8:30 – 9:45 a.m. ] Concurrent Sessions (Choose 1)

Governing Documents: The Challenge With Change

Marlyn Hawkins, Esq.; Barker Martin, PS;
Ken Harer, CCAL, Condominium Law Group;
Terrence Leahy, CCAL

Gil Price, Condominium Law Group

It’s no easy task to begin the evaluation of your current governing documents to determine their applicability in today’s changing association landscape, discover conflicts that need to be corrected or examine the possibility of adopting the new WUCIOA provision. There are so many elements to consider during this process. Come join a panel discussion hosted by local association attorneys as they maneuver the maze of possibilities with creating governing document changes. You leave armed with information you need to examine your own documents and make some critical governance decisions.

Boards & Homeowners Finding Agreement — What Are You Going To Do About It?

Presented By:
Joy Steele, CMCA
Tim Feth, Esq., Rafel Law Group

Association members (homeowners) and the boards who represent them can often find themselves at odds with one another. This presentation is targeted to assist boards, homeowners, and their managers to strengthen the foundation of their interactions. How do the people in the middle of disagreement find resolution? Who decides what is fair and equitable? These are just a few of the questions that arise in the business of an association. We will examine these questions and put forth a clear, step-by-step approach, where everyone involved can reap the benefits of a more harmonious board and homeowner relationship far into the future.

The Face Of Healthy Communities

Presented By:
Kent Daniels, Integrity Group NW
Sean Hughes, RW Anderson Services

Did you know that your building has its own unique personality? During our building maintenance discussion, we will cover how to best approach the personality of a building. The way your building sits on a property along with the side that faces the sun, the side that faces the shade — whether it’s surrounded by trees and has limited sun exposure. The fact that we live in the Northwest presents its own face of adversities.

All of this contributes to the personality of a building and needs a different level of attention. Maybe one side of a building faces major sun exposure and the paint has caused fading and cracking to the siding. Does that mean the entire building needs to be painted? Or, is there a better approach to this problem that is specific to its situation and condition.

In this presentation, we will help you have “eyes to see” the different personalities of your property, its buildings, the effects of living in the Northwest, thus helping to create a systematic approach to maintenance and repair that is practical, cost efficient and prudent for healthy communities.

Board 101: Minute By Minute

Presented By: Paul D. Grucza, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, CWD Group, Inc., AAMC

Minutes can be the bane of any association’s volunteer Secretary but there is an essential need for this critical document. Minutes within associations have numerous impacts on them and there is an art to development of sound, legal, quality minutes. Come and learn some of the important elements of this essential association record, hear stories of minutes gone amuck and leave with a renewed sense of importance for this critical work undertaken by the association.

WUCIOA Panel And Q&A

(First of 3 Opportunities)

[ 11:15 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. ] Concurrent Sessions (Choose 1)

Reserve Studies 101 to 1,001: A Recap of The Basics — Plus Things You Didn’t (and Need To) Know

Presented By:
Karen McDonald, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, RS
Anthony “Tony” Rafel, Esq.

This is a great introductory session for new board members and managers, as well as an excellent refresher for seasoned attendees. In this session we will review reserve study basics including how to read a reserve study, how reserve study recommendations are calculated, which associations are required to have a reserve study and how often a reserve study should be performed. We will then dive into more complex topics including board member liability for failure to perform a study, common signs of deterioration to look for in your own community and frequent misconceptions of reserve studies.

Insurance 101: There’s Water Everywhere

Presented By:
Rose Sapoznick, CIRMS, CIC, Community Association Underwriters (CAU)
Dean Pody, Pody & McDonald, PLLC

Water claims are among the most common and complicated types of claims. We will explore the steps to determine who does the work, who pays for the mitigation and repair work, who is responsible for the association’s deductible/uninsured losses and why to consider amending an association’s governing documents. We will look at insurance considerations such as when to open a claim, the benefits of higher deductibles, what may not be covered and how a loss might affect the Association’s future insurability or insurance costs.

Winning In A “No-Win” Situation

Presented By:
Terrence Leahy, CCAL, Leahy Fjelstad Peryea
Mary B. Reiten, Esq., Law Office of Mary B. Reiten PLLC

Boards often face a “No-Win” situation. Whatever decision they make will disappoint those who have some stake in the decision. And yet a decision must still be made. How can you make a decision that will hold up when it is challenged in court? Better still, how can you make a decision that, while upsetting to those affected by it, does not cause them to sue you? There is a way.

Just fast forward to a mock-favorable ruling by a judge deciding your case, and then reverse-engineer your way back from that favorable ruling to take – now – those actions that will produce that favorable ruling. This session first teaches you how judicial 20/20 hindsight works, then spends the remaining two-thirds of the session giving you hands on experience trying it out for yourself.

Mastering Management Of Multi-family Plumbing: One Outrageously Offensive Problem

Tabitha Jumelet, CMCA, SUHRCO Residential Properties, LLC, AMO
Brad Kelln, McBride Construction
Joshua Strange, Amento Group
Matt Wells, Western Mechanical Contractors

In a perfect world, your building is perfect. There are no material or component defects. Construction was executed flawlessly. Properly maintained, your building will last forever. Reality Check! Buildings are not perfect. People are not perfect. Things go wrong. Stuff wears out. Mistakes are made. We do the best we can with what we’ve got.

The problem this time? PLUMBING: Insufficient water pressure, dirty water, fluctuating water temperatures, clogged drains, unpleasant odors, leaks, damage to finishes. Any plumbing from the ‘60s or older is on its last legs. That’s because most of the piping used pre-1960s was galvanized steel, the bane of old plumbing. Don’t think this is going to go away – it needs to be dealt with now.

Be ready to learn all you need to know about plumbing compliance and transforming your community with panelists that will give you all the perspectives you’ll need to make the right decisions whether it’s now or in the future.

WUCIOA Panel And Q&A

(Second of 3 Opportunities)

[ 12:30 – 2:15 p.m. ] Networking Luncheon & Exhibit Hall

Lunch Sponsored By: Agynbyte, LLC; Integrity Group NW; Tatley-Grund, Inc.; and TransBlue

[ 2:15 – 3:30 p.m. ] Concurrent Sessions (Choose 1)

White Collar Crime In The HOA Industry — Preventing Fraud & Embezzlement

Presented By:
Alan Crandall, Mutual of Omaha Bank

Fortunately, fraud and embezzlement in the community association industry is relatively rare. However, the results of such actions can be devastating to a community as it is typical that the reserve funds are raided. Come learn the key factors in identifying what the typical embezzler looks like. Important steps to take to reduce the possibility of your community becoming a victim. Board presidents and treasurers should not miss this session!

What the Courts are Telling us About Community Disputes

Presented By:
Ken Harer, CCAL, Condominium Law Group
Jennifer Mullin De Winter, Esq., Condominium Law Group

2019 has seen a significant rise in court cases finding their way to the appellate courts. We will discuss the increased willingness of associations and owners to require courts to resolve disputes, and the potential benefits and pitfalls of court actions. We will discuss specifics about appellate court cases that have come down in the past 12 months, and how those court decisions help us understand the rights and obligations of owners and associations. We will discuss the basic steps of initiating or defending lawsuits, the costs and timeline for getting resolution, and how insurance might play into these matters. We will NOT discuss COLLECTIONS cases. Program intended for HOAs and Condos.

Success, Achievement & Fulfillment!

Presented By:
Sean Hughes, RW Anderson Services

This is a fun, informative and interactive session on how to get the most out of life! This is your chance to gather some tips and tricks to make you and the team you work with more efficient and successful. Who wants to live with so much stress and all those nagging “to-do’s”?

We will discuss concepts to help gain equilibrium with your work responsibilities and maintain sanity in your life! We will explore “business hacks” to get more productivity out of your day. We will dive into “The Art of Achievement” and “The Art of Fulfillment” — two concepts Sean and his team at RW Anderson Services have been acutely focused on for the past 12 months.

So much of our performance and outlook in life depends on our psychology, how we approach and look at things. If we deal with our state of mind, we can deal with any obstacle we face. You will also be working through an exercise in class called the “Life Wheel”. It is an informative way to see where you may be out-of-balance in life and how to get things back on track through systematic, measurable steps of action.

Going Rogue: Taming The Bad Board Member

Presented By:
Paul D. Grucza, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, CWD Group, Inc., AAMC

You know the type: bossy, controlling, immovable, implacable. How is a board to conduct its business in an orderly, meaningful fashion when having to deal with this type of board member? Tough but not impossible. “Going Rogue” takes you through the process of identifying this rogue member or members on the board and through an exploration of behavior processes, allows a board to begin to modify behaviors that lead to better board harmony. We’ve got stories, we’ve got tips and techniques and we’ve got you in the audience to help turn this issue around in this can’t miss session to assist in reigning in the rogue member on your board! You’ll leave this session with the tools to make your board work much better and more effectively.

WUCIOA Panel And Q&A

(Third of 3 Opportunities)

[ 3:30 p.m. ]
Exhibitor Drawings & Scavenger Hunt Winner Announced

Reception Sponsored By: 

Columbia Bank

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Alan Crandall, SVP

Alan Crandall, SVP

West Region Manager, Mutual of Omaha Bank

Alan Crandall, SVP, is an award-winning speaker who has worked 36 years in the banking profession with 28 of those years specializing in association banking services. Prior to banking associations, Alan owned his own HOA management company in Northern California. Alan has served on the board of directors for several trade organization chapters over the years. He has held a California R/E License and a Property and Casualty Insurance License in the State of Washington. Alan also is a former instructor for the California Association of Community Managers. Alan has been invited to testify before legislative committees for several state governments. As an award-winning speaker, he regularly speaks on banking issues specific to the community association industry.

Kent Daniels

Kent Daniels

President, Integrity Group NW

Kent Daniels is the president of Integrity Group NW and has been in the building industry as a General Contractor since 1983. He now concentrates his efforts as a Construction Consultant where he specializes in Building Inspections, Intrusion Diagnostics and Construction Management. Kent holds a “Master” National Inspector Certification and is currently on the Board of Certified Inspectors. Kent is also Building Envelope Certified, UBC and IRC Code Certified and has an Engineering Degree and General Contracting License.

Timothy Feth, Esq.

Timothy Feth, Esq.

Associate Attorney, Rafel Law Group, PLLC

Timothy Feth, Esq., is an associate attorney at Rafel Law Group PLLC, which focuses on advising and representing Homeowner and Condominium Owner Associations. He earned his undergraduate degree in philosophy from Central Washington University summa cum laude, and his law degree from the University of Washington with honors. During law school he worked on whistle-blower cases for the nonprofit Hanford Challenge, and mediated cases in King County’s small claims court. He currently serves on WSCAI’s Market Expansion Committee.

Paul D. Grucza, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

Paul D. Grucza, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

Director of Education & Client Engagement, CWD Group, Inc. AAMC®

Paul D. Grucza, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, has been an industry practitioner for close to 34 years holding numerous prestigious positions within CAI including Institute President, Inaugural Chair for the APCM Board, CEO-MC Retreat Chair, Education Committee Chair, Ethics Panel Member for both CAI and CAMICB, Chapter President, an accomplished author for CAI penning and editing three books for CAI, published by Nolo Publishers, CAI Press and IREM, TV Show host, an in demand speaker for chapters nationally and internationally and a skilled Strategist called to conduct strategic planning for both CA Chapters and other business ventures over the years. He additionally participates as an industry expert crafting questions for the national CMCA certification exam and is actively engaged with the Foundation for Community Association Research. As Director of Education and Client Engagement for CWD Group, Inc. AAMC® he brings his many years of skill, association involvement and enthusiasm to the Pacific Northwest.

Ken Harer, CCAL

Ken Harer, CCAL

Managing Partner, Condominium Law Group, PLLC

Ken Harer, CCAL, is Condo Law’s managing partner. He’s an experienced attorney and has been working with community associations for more than 20 years. He offers legal assistance with contracts, construction disputes, and warranties related to the Washington Condominium Act and general legal advice on interpretation, enforcement, and modification of governing documents. Ken formerly held a Reserve Specialist (RS) designation and spends the majority of his time overseeing Condominium Law Group. In fall 2010, Ken was inducted into the College of Community Association Lawyers and now holds the CCAL designation. Ken served on a non-profit Board of Directors for more than 18 years.

His practice, formed in 2000, provides assistance on all types of legal matters for condominium and homeowners associations. Ken (also known as the attorney with all those initials after his name!) earned his Juris Doctor and LLM degrees from the University of Washington, as well as a MBA, a BFA in Industrial Design, and a BA in Architecture. An active WSCAI volunteer, Ken is a frequent speaker at industry events and homeowner association seminars, and contributes regularly to industry periodicals. Since 2008, his focus has been providing general legal advice to community associations.

Marlyn Hawkins, Esq.

Marlyn Hawkins, Esq.

Partner, Barker Martin

A Puget Sound area native, Marlyn Hawkins’s practice ranges from construction defect litigation, to pre-litigation workouts to representing communities as general counsel. Marlyn began her legal career as a King County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in the criminal division, moving to civil litigation in 2000, and has represented community associations almost exclusively since 2002. With extensive jury trial, bench trial and appellate experience, Marlyn’s general counsel practice focuses on ensuring that our clients avoid issues that lead to court scrutiny. Out of the office, Marlyn enjoys traveling, going to concerts, dancing and trying to keep up with her kids.

Sean Hughes

Sean Hughes

General Manager, RW Anderson Services & RW Handyman

Sean Hughes is the General Manager with RW Anderson Services and RW Handyman serving the greater Seattle area, Eastside and South Puget Sound. As a graduate of the University of Washington, Sean has spent time as a property manager as well as a general contractor. Now with RW, his focus is on helping Condo Owners and HOA Members navigate their maintenance goals through preventative planning, maintenance implementation, large and small construction projects, insurance restoration, as well as on-call maintenance services.

Tabitha Jumelet, CMCA

SUHRCO Residential Properties, LLC, AMO

Tabitha Jumelet, CMCA, began her Community Association career with SUHRCO Residential Properties LLC, AMO in 2018. As a demonstration of her dedication and commitment to high standards and impeccable work ethic, she obtained her CMCA within her first year in the industry. A few months later, she was awarded the 2018 SUHRCO Rookie of the Year and was invited to sit on the Software Implementation Training Team to help transition the company and assist in training staff. Tabitha takes a sharp focus on financial planning and forecasting that includes a multi-faceted and collaborative effort with colleagues in their respective fields. She strives to give her clients a better perspective on real life planning for their individual communities by offering support and assistance as they navigate through the many dynamic variables that an association faces on a daily basis. 

Brad Kelln

Brad Kelln

Project Manager & Director of Education; McBride Construction

Brad Kelln is Sr. Estimator, Project Manager & Director of Education at McBride Construction. With over 30 years of construction experience, Brad has dealt with virtually all aspects involved in a construction project. Brad joined McBride Construction in 1992. For the past 22 years, he has specialized in estimating and managing water intrusion and construction defect repair projects. These projects require a special skill set and the ability to anticipate potential problems while working effectively with a large construction team. Water intrusion and construction defect repairs necessitate representatives from a wide variety of construction trades, many of whom are subcontractors. As a successful project manager, Brad is aware of a multitude of construction practices and possesses the personnel skills to be an effective team leader. Most of the projects Brad works on involve occupied structures, so he has developed the skills necessary to work well with all parties impacted by the project.

Terry Leahy, Esq., CCAL

Terry Leahy, Esq., CCAL

President, Leahy Fjelstad Peryea

Terry Leahy, Esq., is the founder of Leahy Fjelstad Peryea and very active locally and nationally on community association issues. He is a member of the College of Community Association Lawyers, has written and presented for CAI at the national and local level, has chaired the CAI Legislative Action Committee, has served as the CAI representative on the Governor’s Home Owners Association Legislation Task Force, has litigated numerous covenants enforcement and Architectural Control Committee cases, has served as editor of the Washington Community Association Journal, has served as Director and Secretary of the WSCAI Board of Directors, has written and presented on community association issues for the State and County bar associations, and has provided legal counsel to countless homeowners associations across the entire state. When not helping CAI or clients, he sleeps.

Karen McDonald, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, RS

Karen McDonald, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, RS

Project Manager, Association Reserves of WA

Karen McDonald, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, RS, is a Project Manager at Association Reserves of WA. A former association manager, 2018 marks Karen’s 18th year in the community association industry where she now helps bridge the gap between associations and their reserve studies. Karen is the President for the WSCAI Chapter and serves as liaison to the Communications Committee and the Market Expansion Committee. Outside of the office, she enjoys gardening and traveling.

Jennifer Mullin De Winter

Jennifer Mullin De Winter

Legal Operations Administrator, Condominium Law Group PLLC

Jennifer Mullin De Winter is the Legal Operations Administrator and an attorney who provides general in-house counsel to Community Association clients. As the Legal Operations Administrator she works closely with Ken Harer and the other general counsel in-house attorneys to provide smooth workflow and ensure prompt service to our clients. She also provides legal advice on all aspects of community governance and risk management to Boards of Directors and Management. Jennifer graduated Seattle University School of Law.

Dean H. Pody, Esq.

Dean H. Pody, Esq.

Pody & McDonald, PLLC

Dean H. Pody, Esq., Pody & McDonald, PLLC, graduated from the Seattle University School of Law in 1997. Since 2001, he has almost exclusively represented condominium and homeowner associations. Prior to that time, he primarily represented bankruptcy debtors. He served on the Board of Directors of the WSCAI from 2007 to 2010 and served as Chapter President in 2009.

Gil Price

Gil Price

Executive Director, Condominium Law Group, PLLC

As Executive Director, Gil Price, is responsible for Condominium Law Group’s business development, marketing and client engagement activities. Prior to joining Condominium Law Group in 2010, Gil was an Executive Director for more than six years at another law firm serving community associations. Prior to 2003, Gil held administrative management positions in the banking and wealth management industries for more than 17 years in Austria, Germany, and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Gil is an active volunteer and a past president of the Washington State Community Associations Institute (WSCAI). He is also a member of the Association of Legal Administrators and President of Ski Buddies (a non-profit winter sports club). Outside the office, Gil enjoys time with his spouse, Harry (their black Labradoodle), the arts, cooking for friends and family, fine dining and wine, Seattle’s cultural scene, golf, tennis, skiing and world travel. 

Anthony L. (“Tony”) Rafel, Esq.

Anthony L. (“Tony”) Rafel, Esq.

Managing Partner, Rafel Law Group, PLLC

Anthony “Tony” Rafel, Esq, serves as President-Elect of WSCAI’s Board of Directors and a former Co-Chair of WSCAI’s Business Partners Committee. Tony has been practicing law in Seattle for 35 years, with a focus on community association law for the last 25 years. He is the Managing Partner of Rafel Law Group PLLC, with offices in Seattle and Portland, and practices actively in both states, handling construction and product defect, insurance coverage, covenant and rule enforcement, boundary and nuisance cases, among many others. Tony also serves as a trusted advisor to boards, helping them to solve problems, resolve disputes and practice good governance.  Tony has been peer-selected as Washington Law & Politics SuperLawyer™ every year since 2003 and holds the top peer-review rating for legal skill and ethical standards from Martindale-Hubbell. He is a past president of the Federal Bar Association of the Western District of Washington and lawyer representative to the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference. Tony lives in Seattle with his wife, Megan, and their aging but still yummy Labrador retriever, Joey.

Mary B. Reiten, Esq.

Mary B. Reiten, Esq.

Owner, Law Office of Mary B. Reiten PLLC

Mary B. Reiten, Esq., is the owner of Law Office of Mary B. Reiten PLLC. She has been practicing community association law since 2006. Mary represents homeowners who are having disputes with their associations with a focus on dispute resolution. She has been a past member of WSCAI's Business Partners Committee and Legislative Action Committee.
Rose Sapoznick, ClC, CIRMS

Rose Sapoznick, ClC, CIRMS

Community Association Underwriters of America (CAU)

Rose Sapoznick, ClC, CIRMS, is in the Bellevue office of Community Association Underwriters of America (CAU.) She has many years of insurance experience including handling large property accounts, analyzing property risk exposures and talking to associations about loss prevention. As a member of the CAU-Bellevue office, she is part of a team that provides insurance services to nearly 1,800 community associations. She attends association board and annual meetings gaining understanding of the problems community associations face, especially keeping insurance costs down. She is an active member of WSCAI and has served on the Membership Committee.

Joy Steele, CMCA

Joy Steele, CMCA


Joy Steele, CMCA is a Community Association Manager. As a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, Joy is a columnist and contributor for various online and print periodicals. She currently resides in Des Moines with her husband and their rescue pug.

Josh Strange

Josh Strange

Project Construction Manager at Amento Group

Drawing from his breadth of knowledge and experience, Josh Strange’s neighborly rapport is one of his greatest assets: crafting a narrative that expertly steers clients through the construction or remediation process. Josh’s own story began right here in Seattle at Pioneer Masonry and then on to UW as a building envelope mason in the Facilities Maintenance and Construction Department. His 15 years’ field experience in building forensics, historic masonry, and commercial waterproofing led nicely into his work at Amento Group. In 2014, Josh joined Amento Group as a Field Technician, scaling Seattle’s skyline to perform condition assessments and leak investigations. Now a Construction Project Manager, Josh provides construction management services, building defect analysis, investigation forensics, litigation support, remediation planning and historic masonry restoration & preservation.

Matt Wells

Matt Wells

President, Western Mechanical Contractors

Matt Wells is the President of Western Mechanical Contractors and is a 3rd generation plumber. His 26 years in the industry were spent in a plumbing apprenticeship for 5 years, receiving plumbing instructor training for 5 more years, and another 8 years in a plumbing apprenticeship and as a journeyman training instructor, all while teaching at night. Matt enjoys passing on the knowledge he has gained in field plumbing, estimating projects and building a plumbing company. His experiences with plumbing replacement projects include tenant impact, duration of projects, budgeting for piping replacement, providing ways to reduce owner costs for plumbing systems replacement and information on how owners can self-perform routine maintenance to avoid hiring a plumbing contractor in the first place. While it may seem his life revolves around plumbing, he does enjoy fishing with lifelong friends and his grandchildren.

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