Condominium and HOA Insurance – Risk Management Budgeting

Each year an association’s board of directors is entrusted with budgeting for the upcoming fiscal year. This would typically be spearheaded by the management firm, if one is retained, and would be predicated on historical information, known increases in pricing of...

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Solar Panels And Community Associations: Sparks Can Fly

Green living sometimes can be at odds with community association living. As much as we all likely strive to live in an environmentally responsible manner, sometimes these ambitions clash with the wants and desires of our neighbors, bringing strife and dissension to a...

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Best Practices Reports

Community Associations Institute (CAI) and the CAI Research Foundation are dedicated to conducting research and acting as a clearinghouse for information on innovations and best practices in community association creation and management. As part of the newly developed...

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Exterior Lighting for Community Associations

As we work our way through fall and into the winter months here in the Pacific Northwest, the days become shorter and shorter. Many of us are heading to work in the dark and returning home in the dark. There are, however, some things that we can do to help our...

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Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

Bed bug bites can be itchy and even somewhat painful, but sometimes what is most painful is the expense and hassle of remediating these pests. There are three types of treatments at the professional level: pesticide, heat and freezing (“cryo”). Pesticide based...

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Do’s And Don’ts Of Fall Landscaping

This article is supposed to be about the “do’s and don’ts” of fall landscaping. The truth is though; there are very few don’ts when compared with the do’s.Talk to most people familiar with horticulture and landscaping and they will agree fall is a great time for...

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Leaving Leaves Be

The close of the growing season is one of the most beautiful times of year in the northwest. The sun typically sticks around for a while even as daytime air temperatures are cooling, resulting in foggy mornings and dewy spider webs. As day length decreases, deciduous...

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Goodbye, Summer And Hello, Fall

Dear Summer, Why is it that we have this short romance every July and August? We have such a great time together and yet you always disappear for ten months out of the year. You once said, “It’s not you, it’s me.” I’m still having a hard time making sense of that...

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Firearms And Common Areas: Your Property, Your Decision

Recent high-profile mass shootings have ignited a national debate about gun control and the limits of an individual’s right to possess firearms. While much of the debate centers on appropriate rules and restrictions for schools and other publicly owned property, the...

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